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Why Pure Hemp CBD Candy Edibles?

Why Pure Hemp CBD Candy Edibles?

As our second most requested product behind our potent CBD oils,  we know many prefer the sometimes safer and often tastier method of consuming CBD edibles. But why should YOU go with Pure Hemp’s CBD candy edible products?

At Pure Hemp CBD, we not only bring you a quality natural product, we also make sure our CBD oil is third-party tested for safety AND effectiveness. If your hemp CBD brand is not testing the quality and quantity of cannabinoids you might be wasting money on a product that will not help bring relief or aid any issues you’re trying to work on. Pure Hemp’s edible selection are quality products which use the whole plant hemp extract. On top of this, we do NOT push or trick you into a subscription scam. We know our customers come back without the need for trickery and we have a world class customer support which you can actually contact.

  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Authentic Flavor Profiles
  • Fat-Free
  • Gluten Free

Who Should Try Pure Hemp CBD Edibles?

There are a lot of reasons to try Pure Hemp's candy edibles, but here are a few of our favorites. 

  • Those looking for a mild daily maintenance of CBD.
  • If you need something that travels well.
  • If you need assistance with targeted issues.
  • Individuals who have a hard time with the natural hemp taste.
  • Those looking for something discreet. 
  • Sharing with friends :)

Pure Hemp’s Top 4 Candy Edible Choices

Here's our list of the top candy edibles we provide but keep checking back as we release new products almost weekly. We're expanding so fast sometimes we can't even keep up with all the amazing CBD provided here at Pure Hemp. 

Yummy Bears Gummies 300mg


These 20 count bears come in 5 delicious flavors and mimic your favorite sweet treat. Our CBD Yummy Gummies work fast to target specific problem areas of pain within your body. Each bottle contains 300 mg of potent CBD oil and can be used to provide relief. Best of all, the flavors mask the taste of the oil.

Pure Hemp CBD Sour Worms 300mg


Do you prefer the sour over the sweet? We’ve got you! In a recent survey, an overwhelming 87% of our customers indicated they’d prefer a sour hemp CBD gummy option. The Sour Gummy Worms are what you want. We heard you and got straight down to business making a flavor profile you’ve NEVER experienced with CBD before. These potent little creepy crawlers have quickly shot up to a favorite among our customers and are often sold out here at Pure Hemp we make all of our products in smaller, fresh batches to ensure they do not sit on the shelf and lose potency. Does your CBD brand ensure potency like this?

Pure Hemp CBD Peach Rings 300mg


This is a personal favorite of our team because we went through 27 different versions of peach flavorings before we found the perfect mixture. Perfection is important to us and we wanted to make sure when you took a bite of our CBD peach rings it was like taking a bite out of a plump, fresh peach. These potent little gummies will make finding real relief fun. You’ll want to share with all of your friends.

Pure Hemp’s 50mg Pops


These flavorful vegan pops will hit you with a powerful punch of 50mg of CBD that will bring peace to even the most desperate case. These lollipops use natural cane sugar and come in watermelon, sour apple, strawberry and tangy orange flavors. This a great choice for those who need relief all day long as you can consume this in sessions throughout the day for the instant release of cannabinoids. A lot of our customers with chronic pain or ailments are praising these powerful CBD lollipops.

So how do YOU take your CBD? Sound off below! 

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Laura P - September 7, 2018

Were these lollipops the same as the samples you sent with my oils last month? It was strongggg!

Sammy - September 7, 2018

Hey @jennystevens check these out. Remember how good those gummy bears were? They’ve got 🍑 rings now!

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