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CBD Oil Dosage Guide: Dosage Chart Included

What is the one topic that has had CBD novices and experts at each other’s necks since the emergence of CBD and most still don’t agree with until this day?

That is the ever-elusive answer to what is the proper dosage one should take for CBD oil?

If you are like most people, this may be the second, third, or even fourth article you have read trying to figure out what the proper dosage is for you. Why can’t we just get one solid answer? Some say that you can base it off a chart and others say that the idea is irrational. Why are there so many polarized opinions?

The truth of the matter is that medical professionals and scientists are only now beginning to develop dosing schedules for medical marijuana, medicinal hemp, and their extracts, namely, CBD. The CBD industry is still in its infancy stages, and the good news is that there are still more and more benefits to using pure CBD oil discovered each year! (1)

Pure Isolate Vs. Full Spectrum Vs. Broad Spectrum

If you are new to CBD you might want to know the differences in CBD Oil?

Pure Isolate CBD: Is an isolated CBD compound and contains no other active cannabinoids. It is up to 99.9% pure, the purest form of naturally occurring CBD, and has 0% THC.

Full Spectrum CBD: Contains other active plant compounds in addition to the CBD. This includes other cannabinoids such as CBN (cannabinol), CBG (cannabigerol) CBL (cannabicyclol), very small traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), as well as aromatic cannabis terpenes like pinene and limonene.

Broad Spectrum CBD: Contains an array of cannabinoids and terpenes, like the full spectrum, but without the THC compounds, meaning it has 0% THC.

So how does one find the proper dosage for pure CBD oil?

Go to your local CVS pharmacy and take a quick look around the over-the-counter-products. Read any of the products and you will always see that there is a dosage recommendation. Not only are their directions on dosage, but there are also very specific directions for age and time frame in regard as well.

CBD has taken the world by storm and with the vast number of people that are now looking for the same standard clarity that is offered with any over-the-counter pain reliever. There is a lot of confusion going on with this specific topic and hopefully, we can clear that up for you!

In most cases, we hear the amazing benefits of CBD and we run to our nearest store to pick a bottle up. It isn’t until we are home we are wondering, “wait … how much should I take”

Make an appointment with your nearest physician and ask them to prescribe to you the proper dosage and you will find that most can only suggest. Medical schools have yet to teach about CBD in their curriculum and we can’t blame them for not wanting to guess a proper dosage for us.

Narrowing It Down

If we want to find the answer to what is the proper dosage, we are going to have to understand one underlying foundation to rely upon, and that is everyone is different and unique. Who we are as a person down to our genetics has a determining factor upon the dosage of CBD oil that is right for us. Some of these factors include

  • Your body fat %
  • Your genetics
  • Your weight
  • Your metabolism
  • What condition are you treating?
  • The tolerance you have to CBD
  • Your Diet

All of these variables factor into how much you should take when it comes to CBD. The best practice for narrowing in on what is the best dosage for you is by starting with smaller doses and finding your sweet spot. 

Take notice of how you feel in your body and after a few days if you feel no noticeable benefits then it’s ok to increase the dosage. Make a journal and take notes each day and write down how much you took so you can keep track of the process. A small amount of CBD oil can be anywhere from 2-30 milligrams, but patience is your number one asset here.

It takes time but finding your sweet spot is worth it for the best CBD experience.

When you begin noticing significant benefits with the dosage you have been using then it’s ok to keep this number for now, or even jot it down. Do not make the mistake in getting impatient and just tripling your dosage right away because you may be pushing your tolerance much higher than you really need to. Take your time and narrow in on the right CBD oil dosage for you.

No One Person Is the Same and Neither is the Bottle

The correct CBD oil dosage for someone else can be more or less than you need for maximum benefit and because of this, you can’t base your estimated dosage amount off of another person’s daily dosage. What your friend puffs a day in her vape won’t be the same as what you take with your CBD gummies.

CBD is available in different concentrations and if you check the label of your specific product you can find each ml per serving. Based upon the ml per serving you can then refer to the chart we have created for you below to help you understand just what you are getting per ml serving when it comes to your specific product.

The best practice would be to stick with a certain product for the first month and start with smaller dosages until you have found your sweet spot. Don’t worry, this article will be packed full of useful tips for you to gauge where your perfect dosage is. 

Daily Dosing or Microdosing?

Two very popular methods have emerged for CBD users to assist in finding their perfect dosage. However, here at Pure Hemp we truly believe in the process of patience, especially for beginners. Daily dosing is a great way to start your CBD journey. For the more experienced CBD user and special cases of athletes and chronic pain, Microdosing can be very useful. However, here at Pure Hemp we absolutely recommend and stand by Daily dosing as the way to find your perfect dosage, especially for beginners. We will go over both ways and you can decide for yourself what is best for you.  

CBD Daily Dosing

Start by taking one drop the first day and analyze the results by how you feel. If everything goes well increase the amount to 2 drops per day for the first 3-4 weeks. Make sure to spread the drops out through the day, such as one in the morning and one in the evening. If you feel no changes then continue to increase in small dosages.

Once you have found what works for you, if you ever do switch a brand you can aim to hit right around the same measured dosage and then begin taking more or less to find the perfect dosage for yourself.

If you are treating symptoms, we recommend that you keep track of how the CBD affects specific symptoms in your body. Make it a habit to track everything from tiredness to decreases in pain. When you are in this area where symptoms are being directly impacted, it’s ok to play with increasing and decreasing your dosage to find the most optimal results for you. 

CBD Microdosing

Microdosing is the process of taking smaller doses of the CBD but at a much faster rate than you would if you were daily dosing. The first step is to figure out your personal micro dosage in which you pinpoint your minimum dosage it takes for you to feel any CBD’s therapeutic effects.

Dr. Dustin Sulak who is regarded as an expert on medical cannabis presented this method in figuring out your minimum dose”:

  • Step 1: Do not use any cannabis or cannabis-derived products for two days
  • Step 2: Once the two days have passed, ask yourself these questions, rating your answers on a scale of 1 to 10: How easy is it to breathe, how comfortable and calm does your body feel, and how easy is it for you to smile authentically, to feel content and grateful?
  • Step 3: Take 1 mg of CBD oil, preferably in drop/tincture form (this will make measuring how much you’re taking easiest)
  • Step 4: After 45 minutes have gone by asking yourself those same three questions. If your scores haven’t changed, increase your next dose by 1 mg; if your scores have gone up, stick with taking 1 mg of CBD oil every 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Step 5: When you start to feel the effects you desire, add up the number of mg of CBD you took in the four hours (approximate amount of time CBD stays in your body) prior _ this will become your minimum dosage, your North Star when it comes to deciding how much CBD you need to microdose. (5)

Microdosing will produce a much subtler result, so you will want to make sure you are logging down your experience as you go to pinpoint how you feel each step of the way. Again, patience and awareness of self are key here, so make sure to invest in a day where you can really monitor the progress as you microdose.

“Fear Not The Increased Dosage”

We would never recommend you open the bottle and just start with the highest dosages.

However …

Once you start small and find your way up to your personal sweet spot in which you feel the benefits it’s ok to increase your dosage in small increments to take note of whatever other benefits that may occur. Learning how your body works with CBD is a practice and takes time and an awareness of your own body. So, it is in your best interest to measure because as we know …

Whatever is measured is managed!

The good news is that taking an increased dosage of CBD is not harmful so it’s ok to push further to test the results, so there is no need to fear! An overdose on CBD is never going to happen and studies have shown that even in the highest of doses (30 times more than the standard serving) the human body was able to tolerate it with no problem. (1)

CBD Tincture Dosage

For those that are brand new with CBD, a great starting point is with CBD oil tinctures. CBD tincture produces offer a wide array giving you the added benefit of finding your perfect dosage. The versatility of CBD tinctures allows for you to swallow or add to your food or beverages. A definite CBD hack is to hold under your tongue for 15-20 seconds before swallowing.

CBD Vape Dosage

CBD Vape is one of the many popular forms of CBD because it is considered to be the fastest form of influence on the body, but on the flip side, it can also last the shortest amount of time. Based on the user average of 100 puffs per cartridge, each 200mg vape puff delivers close to 2mg of CBD. Based on our calculations, if you determine you want to have 20 mg of CBD per day, and you currently have a 20 mg vape pen, then you would want to vape at least 2/3 of the cartridge. 

CBD Gummy Dosage

Nobody can deny the nostalgic and amazing taste of a gummy. It’s one of the ones I remembered to take my vitamins as an adult! A popular method in taking CBD now is with gummies and currently in the market, the average gummy will contain about 20-30 mg of CBD. The convenience of gummy CBD is undeniable, and we can’t factor out how discreet it is as well.

CBD Capsule Dosage

By far the simplest form of dosage for CBD is the capsule form. Capsule CBD’s are great for numerous reasons, especially for the professional world. The effects can last up to eight hours and the work is minimal in knowing the dosage you are taking, so no measuring required! Our customers love capsule dosages for the simple fact you can just take them in the morning and get on with your day. 

What is a Good Starting Point For Me? 

There are many popular charts on the internet claiming to have the perfect calculations for your weight and how many mg of CBD you should take.

As said in the outset of this article, there have been some very contrasting opinions about whether or not these charts are accurate or not. Pure Hemp’s opinion? We believe there is no chart that can determine the exact measurement you need; however, we can deduce a range in which you can start to begin experimenting on locating your perfect CBD dosage.

Pure Hemp Body Weight Dosage Chart

CBD Oil Dropper Dosage Chart

Here are the average amount of drops per dose on the dropper if you prefer to eyeball it this way as well. This chart is for Pure Hemp CBD Oils only. 

  • 1 Almost Full, 1ml  = 40 Drops
  • 3/4 Dropper .75ml  = 30 Drops
  • 1/2 Dropper  .50ml = 20 Drops
  • 1/4 Dropper, .25ml = 10 Drops

We created you this user-friendly CBD dosage chart, based on the different bottle sizes and potency level of our products. The suggestions here are for medium severity so it’s a great starting point for you to begin with. If your case is more severe we suggest trying more and if you need just mild alleviation for symptoms then you can try less.

CBD Dosage Chart

If your condition is in the mild range and you weight anywhere from 100 - 175 lbs. then 8mg is a good starting point to begin playing around to locate your personal sweet spot. These are for anyone not really dealing with many illnesses and just want to have the simple benefits of CBD.

If you weigh anywhere from 175 -250 lbs. then you may want to start with 12 mg and if you are 250 lb or higher than an experiment in the 20 mg area for mild results.

What if you are looking for more than a mild result and you have some moderate symptoms that you need to be alleviated? Well for the person that is 100 - 175 lbs. it’s best to start at 18 mg. For someone that is 175 - 250 lbs. you may want to start at around 22 mg and for those that are above 250 lbs. you can go for 30 mg.

    As research develops for CBD there are more and more benefits that are being discovered each and every year. If you have extremely severe symptoms to treat than some safe areas to start for someone ranging from 100 -175 lbs would be 24 mg. If you are 175 - 250 lbs. you can start with 30 mg and if you are over 250 lbs and suffering from more severe symptoms you can begin at 45 mg.

    Once again, remember that this is merely a suggestion for a starting point that has been popular for the preferred dosages when it comes to the average user. We recommend that you start with these numbers but make sure to experiment in increasing and decreasing dosage to find the ideal dosage for your body.

    Furthermore, is always best to contact the CBD oil company to ask them the right dosage for your specific medical condition and to speak to your doctor if necessary.

    Putting it All Together

    By now you can’t be too frustrated with the industry for not being able to provide the public with an exact recommended dosage.

    If a company were to be able to do this, then you might want to question the honesty and principles of this company. The fact that most companies are telling you that they can’t give you a precise amount, shows that they do have the highest care and regards to your experience with CBD.

    So many factors are at play here and to sum it up we can call them the trifecta for locating your perfect dosage. The trifecta goes as following

    • You as a person and the condition in which you are treating
    • The dosage you are taking
    • The product or type of CBD (such as cbd vape, capsule, gummies)

    Understanding all three areas is essential in helping you navigate the tricky waters when it comes to your perfect dosage. If you went into this without thinking of the above three factors then ultimately you would be going in blind.

    Many people have been able to find their perfect dosage in just under a week and we feel that you can as well. We recommend that you explore your options with products but here at we offer a vast array of products to fit all your needs. Currently, we are listing these products 50% off and not only that they have 5-star reviews in the hundreds! If you are interested in capsules we have over 300 five star reviews for our CBD Pure Isolate Capsules – 750 mg an absolute customer favorite.

    If gummies are your thing then worry no more! We have our amazing CBD Gummies – Yummy Bears 300 mg with over five hundred 5 star reviews and running a discount at 50% off! From oils to vapes, we offer all your CBD needs to get started with the best quality products.

    It’s important to only use high-quality CBD so when you are searching for your perfect dosages, the numbers are not skewed because of B grade quality products. Here at Pure Hemp, we offer only the best products for your CBD journey. For more tips and special offers make sure to sign up for our email list and get the up to date news and research on all CBD material.


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