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Can Hemp CBD Help Your Workout?

Can Hemp CBD Help Your Workout?

Cannabidiol (CBD), is having a great year, and for good reason. Not only are studies coming forward showing the general health benefits. Research is starting to suggest using CBD while getting a workout in can help with faster recovery.

U.S. News & World Report says CBD might be an effective way to slow or even stop the general inflammation and pain from an intense workout. CBD products come in topical creams, capsules, protein powders, sprays, and more. Users report feeling less stiff and sore.

Sports medicine doctor Dr. Alan Beyer, told U.S. News and World Report he’s witnessed a substantial increase in older adult and athletes with strong CBD edibles and CBD oils because they feel CBD promotes muscle growth. Although research is still being conducted to prove this theory. 

CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc., Stuart Titus, told Men’s Health his experience as a physical therapist led him to begin advocating for the use of CBD treatments. His research on CBD comes from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

"It actually mentions very specifically that the non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD are more preferable to use because you can give larger doses without any of the intoxicating or negative side effects,” Titus told Men’s Health.

Hemp CBD has a minute tiny amount of THC compared to cannabis so it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. THC is the cannabis compound that's responsible for the "high" associated with marijuana. CBD is more known for health benefits.

If you're wondering if you'll fail a drug test using CBD, signs all indicate no, but you can learn more now. 

U.S. News & World Report says. "CBD for exercise-induced inflammation is absolutely the next big area we need to explore,"  Thorsten Rudroff, a scientist at Colorado State.

So if you want to try CBD to boost your workout, how do you get started? First of all, know hemp CBD is only effective in potent higher milligrams like 500-1,500 mgs and is legal in ALL 50 states. Hemp CBD can be shipped through the mail. Next, picks a source that knows where their hemp is grown. You want to trust. Finally, test dosage in different amounts. Keep a log on your soreness post workout by day. This will help you determine what amount of CBD oils works best for your workout recovery.


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