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About Laurie Jo: I’ve had pretty bad issues with anxiety and depression for a few years now, ever since I was diagnosed with mild OCD and severe PTSD from some abuse I experienced as a kid. It affects my job and my day to day life. I have had panic attacks at work and it’s like how do you explain this to my boss? How do I explain this to my coworkers? When I was first diagnosed I was terrified. 

Why Hemp CBD? I went through a lot of expensive therapy and I’ve tried a variety of expensive pharmaceutical concoctions. It causes something I call the zombie-effect. I'm a graphic designer so I HAVE to be able to feel and think to create. In the last two years I've begun using cannabis and it helped me come off a lot of the medications. Unlike my friends, I do not get high anymore. I just feel...normal.

During my work hours, I need something without the high. My bosses are against all forms of cannabis and would rather see me dead-eyed from the side-effects of the meds than from being high.

That’s where hemp CBD comes in. It gets me through my day without the stress or pain and without the high. I use Pure Hemp because it’s legal in my state and they send it through the mail no problem and my old-fashioned bosses can't say anything to me about it. I think they like it though. I'm always more chill in my meetings after I vape.

Why Pure Hemp CBD Products?

I read a bunch of reviews and found a lot of oils on Amazon that had all sorts of stuff added and I could never get a hold of anyone to ask if their CBD oil was even tested. I wasted my money getting tricked into buying a crappy hemp seed oil, so I wanted to know I was getting the good stuff I know works at a decent price. My grandmother surprisingly recommended Pure Hemp one day about a year ago.


I started with the oils and gummies only for a long time, but I finally stopped smoking cigarettes 4 months ago using the Banana Split CBD E-Liquid. I have been using the other stronger Skunk Haze cartridges for two months. The pineapple flavored CBD vapes are great too.

Real Hemp CBD. Real Results.

I feel the calm almost instantly. I'm going out and experiencing life more too! It’s like my body slowly releases and I can breathe again. I’m able to focus and just get it done. It's helping me so much when the work builds up with home life. I have a lot of people counting on me so I don’t always have time to stop. Pure Hemp helps me keep going.

I am VERY happy with my Pure Hemp CBD experience and would recommend it to all of my friends!  

Laurie's Hemp CBD Routine:

  • I vape the eliquid first thing in the morning with my coffee like I would have a cigg normally. This helps SO much!
  • I take 2 droppers of the 1,000 mint CBD Full Spectrum Oil when I sit at my desk.
  • I vape the eliquid or the cartridges whichever I have on my lunch break. I’ve noticed this helps stop the afternoon cravings too!
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Danni - September 25, 2018

Been using the vapes for 3 weeks now and I’ve been nicotine free! It really is insane how easy it is when you use the right stuff. I’m mad I didn’t know about this before honestly.

jennie - August 30, 2018

CBD really does help you quit smokin! Redneck hubby swears by it more than duct tape. haha

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