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Customers' Secrets to CBD Success

Customers' Secrets to CBD Success

Hey guys,

This is a blog takeover! I am Lily, your Pure Hemp Customer Success Manager with over five years experience helping others succeed using the power of pure CBD oils. It's my job to make sure you accomplish your goals with our CBD. I work directly with customers who use our hemp CBD products every single day. I hear their feedback and track what they say works best. This article shares our customer success stories with CBD but just a gentle reminder, we make no claims that our products were designed to treat any serious issues.

Disclaimer: Pure Hemp Shop makes no claims that CBD can cure, treat, or prevent any illnesses, whether that is mental, physical, or emotional. All data here was provided from customer experience with our products. If you have any serious medical issues we recommend you consult your doctor. Pure Hemp CBD Products are only designed to help promote an overall sense of wellness.

I've heard heard many customers reach out on their personal success when it comes to stopping seizures, managing pain, helping anxiety, getting better sleep, managing addictions and even how to stabilize your metabolism for optimal weight loss. I'm going to slowly reveal those secrets over the next few weeks

Let's start with an easy one. Our Pure Hemp CBD Gummy Line includes some of the most popular products for many reasons.

CBD gummy bears

- Our Pure Hemp CBD gummies taste AMAZING and now come in over seven different flavors.

- They are stable, not wet, mushy or sticky like many other gummy edibles become.

- They are gluten-free, fat-free, organic and non-GMO

- The best part is they have 300 mg of tested quality CBD oil 

Success Story 1: CBD Gummies with Insomnia and Anxiety

Take three roughly one hour before bed and do your to-do list for the next day. Jen P. from Los Angeles has been using our gummy bears for almost eight months and in her personal story it help to manage her crippling anxiety and her intense manic nights of insomnia. Her doctor recommended Pure Hemp to her. She says three an hour before bed is her magic to a good night's rest. She explained to me she always gets a burst of focus and energy after taking them so she uses that extra bit of time to map out her next day. This helps Jen start each day with confidence that she will succeed. She says she sleeps deeper and wakes up with more energy. Our CBD gummy bears helped her so much she's come off her prescription sleep aid and doesn't even need them some nights as she remains calm throughout the day with her new routine. (Pure Hemp CBD makes no claims that our CBD Products were designed to treat, cure, or prevent from insomnia or anxiety)

Success Story 2: CBD Gummies with Pain Management

Take 2 in the morning with a full glass of water. Donald A. from Florida uses the natural CBD gummies personally to help ease his arthritis pain. Don's success story is his own personal journey and here at Pure Hemp we recommend consulting your doctor when it comes to any medical issues such as pain management. Our new CBD sour gummy worms are his favorite flavor. He eats two first thing in the morning with a big glass of water. This helps to wake his entire body. He says the pain leaves for most of the day usually depending on his level of activity. A note about Don, he uses more emojis than any human I've ever met and he's my grandfather's age. Don's a good guy. 

Success Story 3: CBD Gummies For Weight Management 

Plan your afternoon snack with 1-2 CBD gummies. Personal trainer Ian K. does this in Chicago and has been recommending it to his clients for over a year now. In his own experience with CBD he's seen it curb appetites and help to aid muscle recovery. He always has his clients plan their meals and complete a meal prep class so they understand how important nutrition is. He's even going to write a blog for us about it so stay tuned for that. For Ian nutrition comes with nature-based relief like CBD gummies. 

Success Story 4: CBD Gummies For Addiction Recovery

Take 3 in the early evening and have a quick workout. Chelsea M. prefers outdoor exercises in her home state of Colorado. She's been taking CBD products for over a year, but just recently discovered the gummies. Chelsea first began using full spectrum CBD oils while in recovery for alcohol addiction. She added the gummies to her routine two months ago when she finally kicked her smoking habit. Chelsea explains the workouts help to clear her mind and tires out her body. She says it also helps to relieve stress, which unmanaged often pushed her to break and begin smoking again. She once told me her success specifically comes from sticking to this routine. Chelsea's journey and experience with Pure Hemp CBD product's are unique and if you have any issues with addiction we recommend you seek proper treatment. We do not make any claims that CBD can treat addiction, we only mention our customers unique and wonderful success stories.

Hope these little usage success stories help you (or someone you love) get the most out of your CBD gummies! Don't forget we are always here to help. Just reach out and we'll take care of you. How do you use our CBD gummies?

See how others are using our products at our Official Google Reviews page. 

*All customers were aware their names and stories would be shared. They agreed to disclose these tips. 
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Kayla95 - October 8, 2018

I suggest using it throughout that day instead of all at once. Space out your dose and it will go a lot longer and savem oney

April Ddis - October 5, 2018

Can I buy locally? I love prefer you guys because of the organic oil options. Plus the vape flavors. yummmm

Joeyyyy34 - September 27, 2018

I can’t wait to get mines. I ordered last night!

Lexi J - September 27, 2018

Good blog! My sister and I are going to try the first one tonight.

Odie - September 27, 2018

Good stuff Lily. CBD is amazing. I can not believe more people don’t use it. Our bodies were using this stuff long before most common medicines. We’re adapted for it.

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