Radiation Relief Cream - 40mg


    Our CBD Radiation Relief cream is quickly becoming a blessing to those undergoing radiation therapy. This cream is packed with amino acids and many marine based additives to better the skin, while helping to reduce swelling, tenderness, inflammation, redness and itching caused by cancer treatment. It also reduces the appearance of physical damage caused by the process, which is unfortunately an issue for the vast majority of people undergoing the therapy. Even more enticing, it can minimize and even halt the need to take breaks between sessions. The potent and high CBD content will help ensure you stay as healthy as possible while you go through what many consider to be the toughest time in their lives.  

    Our CBD products are highly regarded for their premium quality content. We use only the finest hempseed in our extraction process, striving to provide patients with superior medicine. Use our CBD radiation relief while undergoing radiation treatment therapy to encourage mood stability, maintain a normal appetite, and to reduce pain. The cream can be used to soothe abrasions and to prevent excessive inflammation.

    Apply to general area twice daily or as needed.


    2 oz./60ml Acrylic Jar

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