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It’s Time: CBD for Pets

You have an intimate connection with your dog or cat like nobody else. And, when they are in pain, it hurts like nothing else. At Pure Hemp Shop, we decided that we simply couldn’t restrict the wonderful health-giving benefits of CBD to human use. We created a range of CBD pet products that can help nurse your pet back to health.

CBD Pet Drops
No shots necessary here. Administer your dog’s CBD dosage either directly into their mouth or over their food.

CBD Pet Treats
Well, maybe CBD pet drops aren’t as easy as it gets. We created CBD pet treats to make giving your dog its CBD dose a breeze.

Don’t forget to ask them to do at least a beginner-level trick. After all, their suspicions may be raised if they aren’t asked to work for it just a bit!

CBD Joint Pet Spray
It is painfully obvious to us human companions when our dogs are suffering from joint pain. When your veterinarian presents you with a multi-thousand dollar surgery option, or worse, putting your pet down as the only thing to do, you owe it to your pet to at least try out our CBD joint pet spray.

While CBD relief for pets may be an emerging field, you’ll be able to tell after the first few doses whether CBD is working for your pet or not.

CBD Pet Shampoo
It’s a rare cat or dog that enjoys a bath. Still, sometimes you just have to kill two birds with one stone.

Pure Hemp Shop created this CBD pet shampoo so that you can give your pet a topical application of CBD when the situation calls for it. Insect bites, rashes, skin issues can all be remedied with our CBD pet shampoo.

That doesn’t mean we’d recommend letting your Fido run wild through poison oak or ivy next time you go on a hike. But, at least you know you’ve got CBD pet shampoo back at home, just in case.

CBD Health & Wellness Pet Spray
Even though this health and wellness CBD product is a spray, you don’t necessarily have to spray it right into your pet’s mouth. Just as with the drops, you can feel free to apply to their food, if your pet is uncooperative when it comes to direct sprays.

Pets Age Gracefully with CBD
We know your pet is already in good hands. Our CBD pet products are only meant to help you enhance their quality of life as they age.

With the connection you and your pet share, it should be clear to you just how effective Pure Hemp Shop CBD pet products are.