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Taking CBD Capsules
Getting into CBD capsules is easy. In fact, for many people, CBD capsules are a lot easier to consume than learning how to smoke or trying to eat an edible. Just like any other pill, CBD capsules are placed on the tongue and downed with a single gulp of water.

Easy to Consume
If it’s your first time considering taking CBD capsules, know this: CBD capsules are probably one of the easiest ways to consume CBD. Not only do you not need to deal with a lighter and flower, but the pills are small and easy to swallow.

To consume CBD capsules, simply place the capsule on your tongue, then swallow with a single mouthful of water. You’ll want to be sure that you follow dosage instructions on your medication bottle, but it really is as simple as that.

Know Your Dose
With CBD capsules, there is no ambiguity regarding the dosage amount, as there sometimes is with CBD edibles. While some people find it difficult to decide exactly how much of a CBD edible to consume, you never need to guess with CBD capsules.

Each CBD capsule contains the exact same amount of hemp - you just need to read the label on your bottle. Simply follow the dosage instructions on the side of the bottle, and you’ll be able to self-dose your CBD in no time.

Discreet Dosage
Unlike smoking or even the sometimes wildly labeled edibles, CBD capsules offer a very discreet method of taking CBD. Just like any other pill taken orally, a CBD capsule can be consumed in a matter of seconds.

Once you remove your CBD capsule from its container, it looks just like many other pills. No one around you will have any idea that you are consuming CBD, should you be concerned about taboos surrounding CBD and hemp in general.

CBD Capsule Benefits
Aside from how easy they are to use, CBD capsules also provide a number of health-giving benefits. 

In addition to the benefits CBD offers, capsules offer the health-conscious consumer a safer way to consume CBD. Instead of smoking, which invariably introduces carcinogens into the body, taking CBD capsules offers a hazard-free method of consuming CBD.

When you take into consideration the fact that CBD capsules also carry less of a stigma than smoking, it’s easy to see why many opt for capsules over smoking. CBD capsules are a healthier way to consume cannabis, and also minimize social risks.

If you are new to CBD capsules, or CBD altogether, CBD capsules are well worth trying out. In an October 2018 survey, 95% of Pure Hemp Shop customers reported they were enjoying better health through consuming pure hemp.

CBD capsules are a healthy way to consume CBD, whether it is your first time, or you’re an old hand transitioning away from less healthy means of consumption.