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What Else Is In Marijuana?

What Else Is In Marijuana?

Everybody knows all about the two main chemicals in marijuana. THC, which is what gets you high, is obviously the most popular aspect. CBD, which touts the most medical benefits, has also been becoming more and more well known in recent years. Is there more? Of course! What else is going on in our favorite plant? Let’s take a look. 


CBN stands for cannabinol, and while it shouldn’t be confused for cannabidiol, or CBD, it does have similar effects. The research that has been done on this chemical compound shows that it can be an effective sedative, even working better as an isolate than some common prescription medicines currently on the market. Like CBD, it does not get you high. You can also use it as an anti-inflammatory, to help you sleep, and possibly even to promote bone-growth. 


CBL stands for cannabicyclol. Research into its effects is still in the beginning stages, though a few studies have shown some promising results. It seems that CBL may have some befits related to helping injuries heal faster. It can act on a hormone in the body responsible for muscular contraction as well. As more research unfurls, it’s likely that we will see some benefits in terms of anti-inflammatory properties as well. 


A final compound we will look at stands for Cannabichromevarinic Acid. I don’t think I will ever be saying that out loud, I think the acronym is good enough, don’t you? This chemical is responsible for targeting a unique set of cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Studies have shown it helps regulate a lot of very important daily functions. Your sleep patterns, general movement, your appetite, and even your mood can be vastly improved with this part of the cannabis plant. Like the others, it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. 

There you have it. Now you know more than the average bear about some other major chemicals within marijuana. You are probably wondering where the heck you’re supposed to get your paws on this stuff. Don’t worry, Pure Hemp has you covered once again! In their Full-Spectrum CBD Oils, you fill find all three compounds you just learned about, along with a healthy dose of CBD. They round it off with a nice mint flavor. What are you waiting for? Go get a bottle and get your health on!

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