Using CBD to Fight Painful Anxiety

Answer these questions honestly. 

- Do you feel overwhelmed more than usual lately?
- Are you easily annoyed or angered?
- Have you woken up feeling like you didn't sleep?
- Are you not interested in activities?
- Is there ever randomly tightness in your chest around others?

If you've said yes to more than one of these you could be suffering from anxiety. You're not alone. 1 in 5 American adults suffer from mental illness and of that 18.1 percent have anxiety

mental illness numbers.

Pure Hemp is here not only to provide the best lab tested CBD oils, but also to share the knowledge we've gathered on this issue. This article is going to help you call your anxiety out by name and learn how CBD products can help you manage this terrible issue. 

cbd anxiety

Since the depth of a feeling can drastically shift per individual person anxiety can be mild in one person and very intense in another person. This makes it extremely hard to treat. This also means the treatment needs to vary greatly per person. So unlike say polio, which shifts similarly from person to person, with anxiety, we can't just treat the disease, we have to treat the individual.  

Let’s be clear, CBD is NOT a cure-all for ANYTHING. If a company is telling you they are, wait for it and they will try to sell you something cheap. CBD is to be used as a tool paired with other lifestyle factors for help aid a healthy mental balance. 

How Can CBD Help You Anxiety? 

The largest symptom of anxiety is too much chemical activity happening in your brain. This leaves you overwhelmed, confused and even physically ill if ignored long enough. Cannabidiol or CBD uses receptors throughout your body to release chemical messages that slows all of the chemical activity so the body can catch up.

CBD has been studied more than 1,300 times recently for all sorts of issues. It can be easily grown in nature and provides no harsh side-effects like many of the pharmaceutical medications. This makes it an ideal resource for testing with mental health and anxiety.

Studies Connect CBD to Lower Anxiety Rates

Researchers performed a double-blind study of patients suffering from generalized social anxiety. After using CBD, participants reported a significant decrease in anxiety. Researchers validated this through brain scans showing the activity slowing generating anti-anxiety effects.

Another study had patients with Social Anxiety Disorder perform a speech publically. Those using CBD visibly showed/reported significantly less anxiety, their vital signs including heart rates agreed.

They concluded, “[CBD] significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in their speech performance,” whereas the placebo group experienced “higher anxiety, cognitive impairment, [and] discomfort.”

Tips for Using CBD to Lower Anxiety

1. Accept You’re Anxious with CBD.

This might sound obvious, but taking control of your fear and frustration with your anxiety starts by acknowledging it's there and this may be a daily issue you're faced with for a long time. Remember, It's just a feeling you have, but YOU are very much still in control. 

"By reminding yourself that anxiety is simply an emotional reaction, you can start to accept it," said PsyD, clinical psychologist, Marla W. Deibler.

Acceptance is imperative. Using energy trying to stop or eliminate anxiety often makes it worse. But accepting your annoying anxiety is not an easy task, especially when we are all out here just trying to appear strong. 

How to Use CBD for Acceptance? 

Research suggests if you can trigger a positive mental state within the first hour of waking up you can drive it through your entire day. A lot of people use CBD oil drops under their tongue or vape it first thing in the morning with their coffee because this is their quiet time for reflection.

During this time also work through positive affirmations about accepting/overcoming your pain. For example, "I am doing my best and will keep going regardless of fear or anxiety." 

So while the CBD slows the overactivity in your brain developing this positive mindset will be an additional tool. It might feel fake the first few weeks, but keep going. 

2. Get Valuable Rest with CBD

Each year you and 60 million other Americans are having a hard time getting restful sleep. Anxiety can quickly spiral keeping you up at night or even when you do sleep the tossing and turning might keep your brain from really resting. 

Anxiety feeds on our energy so it will increase putting you on edge if your energy is low. In addition, your paranoia kicks into overdrive when you are tired. Fighting all of these factors leaves a person exhausted, yet they can't sleep. It's an unhealthy cycle we must break. 

One way of breaking this is through positive reinforcement like the one about another is by setting ourselves up for a restful sleep. Getting a good sleep is all about your routine. 

How to Use CBD for a Restful Sleep?

Consider folding CBD infused beauty products like a salve or bath bomb into your nightly routine. The cannabinoids will aid with restfulness and relaxation that will be felt throughout the body to bring the real rest you need. 

- One hour before bed take your highest dose of CBD for the day.
- Next, 30 minutes before bed write out your to-do list for the next day. Not details, but the general tasks.
- Then, pick your top three priorities.
- Finally, just before bed write down two accomplishments from your life you worked for and are truly proud of.  

3. Recover Faster with CBD

Having sickness within your body will cause your anxiety levels to rise. When your body is overwhelmed and sending the wrong messages your immune system can get placed on the back burner allowing bacteria to take up residence and multiply.  Sickness has been shown to increase levels of not only anxiety but also depression. 

Your body's ECS and potent cannabinoids have been revealed to play the main role in “balancing” the immune system. This helps through reduced inflammation 

How to Use CBD to Recover Faster?

Take your CBD one hour before physical activity with a full glass of water. Water is extremely important to absorption and general health of the body. After all most of our being is composed of water. 

Many customers feel CBD helps to relax their body and helps heal it faster through reduced inflammation allowing for faster recovery time. 





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Joey88 - October 15, 2018

I needed this. I’m sharing it with my mom too. We’ve had a rough few years between my dad passing and a divorce. The stress surfacing from these things is so depressing I have a hard time leaving the house some days.

Lela Kane - October 15, 2018

great writing and advice! hemp oil helps with my pain for sure. i am glad for it too.

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