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Top 4 CBD Myths Exposed

Top 4 CBD Myths Exposed

Myth 1: CBD is Only Legal in Some States. 

Many people in need avoid the using CBD oil because they think it is illegal or because of some outdated stigma. 

The Truth: This, however, is not the case and is due to the spreading of misinformation about the substance. Research is surfacing in high numbers supporting CBD as a legitimate aid in providing relief.

While it is true that only some states allow for the medicinal or recreational use of marijuana, CBD tends to be a different story. The difference between the two substances is that CBD oil usually comes from hemp. First, read this article to learn the difference between Marijuana, Cannabis and Hemp. Hemp based CBD extracts with less than .03% THC are completely legal in all states and U.S. territories. While cannabis is still illegal in many of these states, hemp CBD is not made using cannabis. 

Myth 2: CBD Will Make You Fail a Drug Test

Many of those in need don't try CBD because they're concerned they will fail a drug test. 

The Truth: Although there are many different types of drug tests, CBD contains so little THC it will not fail most standard tests including the tests used by most commercial testing companies. These drug tests are the same as the ones you can buy from the Dollar Tree. Learn more about Hemp CBD & Drug Testing Here. The article goes into more detail of the science and data behind CBD and drug tests.

Myth 3: CBD Will Get You High

A lot of customers ask about feeling high. That's one of the most relieving parts of hemp CBD oils. You can function and go through your day without worrying about the high or paranoia that comes with it at times. CBD can be vaped in any flavor and it doesn't carry the general cannabis smell so it's much more discreet.

The Truth: CBD does not contain enough THC (the chemical compound that creates the “high” feeling) to create any high effects. In fact, it has to be tested to make sure it's less than .03% THC. CBD is the part of the plant that has been successfully studied as a natural relief to the body.

Myth 4: Hemp CBD is NOT as Good as Cannabis CBD

People forget this is the only option for most of the country who really need the relief of natural cannabinoids. 

The Truth: This myth exists because hemp naturally does not contain nearly the same level of cannabinoids as cannabis. However, when the hemp is grown with the right nutrients and processed carefully using a CO2 extraction process high-quality CBD cannabinoids can be produced. These hemp CBD oil sources should be 3rd party tested for potency. Hemp CBD products are the only option for relief in states and countries where marijuana is illegal.

Remember, as with all new substances being introduced within your body it may take some time to adapt fully and be felt consistently in terms of improved health results. Consistently using CBD in a routine. CBD is meant to be used as a tool with other natural health improvement measures such as a healthy diet, regular physical activity, and mental health knowledge and training like meditation. Give at least 30 days to feel the entire effects of consistent, potent CBD usage. 







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Dankiii - October 18, 2018

Literally every question I had answered right here. Good job!

Tayyy - October 8, 2018

I do be getting a little high from it though…is that just me? It’s nice LMAO

Joellll - October 5, 2018

Some of us aren’t lucky enough to have cannabis legal. This is the only organic cbd i can get shipped to my door. it really does help with the headaches.

Whinny Hampton - October 5, 2018

I’ve never failed a test for Walmart and I use the strongest stuff they got, the full spectrum 1500mg. It doesn’t have barely any THC so nothing shows.

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