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Smarter, Happier, Healthier - 7 Ways CBD Keeps Your Brain in Top Form

Smarter, Happier, Healthier - 7 Ways CBD Keeps Your Brain in Top Form

If you want to learn about a fantastic new way to boost your brainpower, improve your ability to naturally focus, and feel happy all at the same time, then this article will be perfect for you, because CBD has been discovered to accomplish all of those things and more.

Today we’re going to talk about exactly how it works and the effects it has on your brain so that you can improve brain health, happiness and intelligence with CBD. 

Reduce Inflammation Throughout Your Brain

 Inflammation in your brain is a complex subject, and its effects can range from diagnosable neurological conditions to memory trouble, and even fatigue and brain fog.1 It makes sense that reducing inflammation might be a good starting point if you want to improve brain health.

True to form, CBD is one of the most potent anti-inflammatories in existence! It decreases the production of inflammatory cytokines.2 Essentially, cytokines are the chemicals that start the inflammatory process in your body.

Not only that, but CBD also calms down your microglia cells, which are a type of brain cell that makes up about 10-15% of your brain. CBD influences them to remain in a “ramified” (or resting) state, reducing their tendency to become inflamed.2

Now that your brain is relaxed, let’s move on to mood.

Feel Better Than You Have In Years

CBD has a very powerful effect on one of your body’s most powerful and little-known chemicals – anandamide. Also known as the “bliss molecule”, anandamide is a neurotransmitter similar to endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.

Its effects have been known since the early 1990s. It is a very potent anti-depressant and helps enhance your mood, and it also reduces your sensitivity to pain.3 

The only problem is that whenever anandamide is in your brain, your body breaks it down very quickly. That’s part of the reason it was only discovered in the 1990s. So in order to improve your natural levels of anandamide, you’ll need to inhibit the FAAH enzyme which breaks it down.3

CBD does exactly this, allowing natural levels of anandamide to be higher in your system, giving you the boost you really want and need.

Sleep Like A Baby

Sleep is probably the single most significant bodily process for maintaining peak mental performance all day long. You already know what a bad night’s sleep can do to you mentally! When your brain chemicals are out of whack it can throw a wrench in everything from memory to hallucinations!4

 So get a fantastic night’s sleep with CBD – your brain will thank you for it!

 Multiply Your Brain Power With Improved Blood Flow

CBD is also known to produce very favorable effects on the blood vessels in your brain. It causes vasodilation, the expansion of blood vessels that allows for more rich, oxygenated blood to fuel your brain.2

Insufficient blood circulation to your brain can cause a wide range of mental issues, from a regular brain fog all the way to increased risk of vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s.6 Of course, you want the opposite of that, ie. perfect memory, excellent focus, plenty of mental energy.

With CBD your brain gets richer blood filled with vital nutrients every minute of the day, adding to your brainpower naturally.

Grow New Brain Cells For A Fresh, Youthful Outlook

As we grow older, brain cells die which often leads to cognitive decline. If our brains were able to constantly produce new youthful brain cells, it would function much better into old age. Especially in the hippocampus, where our memories are kept. 

Luckily, CBD helps you do just that.

CBD has been shown to increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a critical enzyme in encouraging neurogenesis (brain cell production) and the growth of new synapses.7

Alter Your Brain Chemistry, Especially Serotonin

Odds are, you have probably heard about neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin; they are the chemicals your brain uses to communicate with itself. Oftentimes, they are released in response to something pleasurable that happens in your life, like getting a raise or winning a board game – and other times, they are essential for basic functions.1

CBD has been shown to have profound effects on the Serotonergic system in your brain, increasing levels of serotonin.1,8 While this improves mood, what you may not know is that serotonin is also important for your prefrontal cortex, which is where your executive function and personality reside.

This impacts your ability to9:

  • Plan and remember instructions
  • Focus and concentrate
  • Prioritize your workday
  • Juggle multiple tasks successfully
  • And much more

Protect Your Brain From Everything Else

Finally, when it comes to the brain, one of the best things you can do to improve its function is simply to protect it.

One of the best ways to do that is to increase the adenosine in your brain, which CBD does by inhibiting adenosine uptake. Just like anandamide, this naturally increases levels of adenosine. Adenosine is associated with neuroprotection and reducing inflammation.2

On top of that, oxidative stress caused by free radicals has been shown to be related to age-related mental decline.1 CBD is the perfect solution because it delivers powerful antioxidant effects that may be comparable to vitamins C and E.10 

So take your vitamins to keep your brain healthy -- just don’t forget to include CBD from now on!

The Bottom Line

The effects of these 7 different mechanisms are vast – CBD has been researched with favorable results.1 This article simply explains why it is such a powerful brain booster and how it will help you live a smarter, happier, and healthier life! 

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our article, and as always if you need to re-stock your supply of CBD, or get your first batch ever, then head over to our shop and see what we have in store!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time! 











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