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Real CBD Success Stories: Jorge

Real CBD Success Stories: Jorge

Success At a Glance

CBD success stories
Age: 28
Career: head chef at a busy restaurant in Chi-Town
Issues: sleep insomnia and shoulder pain
How long has it been happening? over 10 years now
How do you feel today using CBD? pain is manageable to the point I can even play my trumpet again and I’m dreaming sounded every night

What’s Happening? 10 years ago I fell off a roof. Yes, it was as dumb as it sounds. I slide on some leaves straight down and off the roof like Tim Allen in a Christmas movie. I landed on my left shoulder and ever since then my shoulder has been tweaked. I sprained my collar bone too. I am a chef so I need to be able to stir constantly and move for anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day.

The pain starts as a light burning sensation then becomes a full-fledged ache. Because I this I can not sleep a lot of nights.

What Have You Tired? I’ve tried everything from weed to opioids. Weed does help, but I live in Texas where cannabis is still illegal. I was put in the back of a cop car and had to go to court over a joint once and when I became a dad, illegal is no longer an option so I went to the docs. The opioids were terrible. Painkillers are no joke and they will mess you up. I just could not keep up physically when I was on them and I felt like Kanye on TMZ. Like...yeah, the pain is gone but I can’t focus or be present with my kids on this doctor prescribed meds. I even tried some hippy sh*t hot healing yoga that was $50 a class for 6 months. Nothing.

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Why Pure Hemp CBD Products?

Almost a year ago I was out on a dock fishing with my dad when his best friend was getting after it. Just catching fish after fish. I couldn’t believe this old man was able to do that. He was in a car crash a few years ago and hurt his foot. He used to use a cane so finally, I said, “Jeff, what are you doing?” He handed me some gummy bears and laughed. He swears he gets a bit high each time, but I NEVER feel any sort of high which is what I wanted.

Real Hemp CBD. Real Results.

The first few days I felt something, but it wasn’t a miracle like some people hype it to be. It took time and I had to try a few things and potencies. It took about three weeks of using it every day before I really noticed a difference in my pain AND my sleep pattern. And when I did notice it came on strong. I like the edibles, but I use the full-spectrum 1,000 mg Pure Hemp CBD oils. I live by it.

I can even play trumpet at church again. 


Any Unexpected Side-Effects: Yeah man, I have so much more energy. I wasn’t expecting that, but my kids love it. I just am happier now. I didn’t realize how much of my life the pain was sucking from me.

Dan's Hemp CBD Routine:

    • I take 2 full drops of 1,000 mg of Full Spectrum oil with a glass of water in the afternoons right before work.
    • If I need it I’ll use another drop during my shift, but most nights I’m good.
    • After work when I’m trying to come down from everything that’s happened so I take 1 more drop.
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PrincessPeaches - October 17, 2018

I just ordered this and the lotion!!! dear lord free me of this pain!!!!

Jamii - October 17, 2018

It’s true about takin awhile. I don’t know why everyone say they feel it right away. All supplements take at least a month to fully induce into your system. Use daily and wait for it. It’s worth

Pat - October 17, 2018

“I slide on some leaves straight down and off the roof like Tim Allen in a Christmas movie.” 😀 😂 I damn near choked on my coffee. Now I’m ready for some edibles and Christmas movies.

Carla Lopez - October 17, 2018

This my cousin! Jorge good job writing this up and getting clean. Our whole fam is rooting for you and your beautiful girls! Now get me some to try!! Love you cuzzo!

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