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Pure Hemp Gives Back: 1,001 Warmer Winter

Pure Hemp CBD is giving back this holiday season.

Most of us are waking to a very cold morning, even here in Los Angeles there’s a bone cold chill in the air. Here at Pure Hemp CBD, we like to give back in any way we can. This year we decided to try something different. We vowed to give back to our community AND to our customers.

We’ve accomplished giving back to our customers when earlier this year we worked out new deals with our farmers and distributors. This led to our incredible 50% off year ‘round CBD savings you know and love. Just visit ANY of our potent CBD product pages to see the discount instantly applied. No coupon code needed.

This week our team worked to give back to our community in a major way. We'd like you to consider joining us to create a ripple effect across the entire country.

In fact, our goal is to help 1,001 people stay warm this Winter

Why Give Back?

Did you know many feel low this time of year? In fact, according to the American Psychological Association, stress levels rise for 38 percent during the holiday season.

The fastest way to fight stress is by adjusting your negative thinking pattern. Multiple studies (cited below) reveal gratitude increases dopamine (the happy feels) in your brain. What do you have to be thankful for? A beautiful family? Great friends? Your health? Do you have a home?

Help Pure Hemp CBD Reach Our Goal

You might be blessed enough to have an extra closet full of blankets/coats/clothes from years ago. Maybe you're hoping to finally fit into those again? Why not use those to give yourself an amazing gift?

The gift of freedom from clutter which has been proven to affect your mental health. Every time you open that closet you’re reminded of someone you're not. A study from Psychological Science revealed these unneeded items adds stress leading to coping mechanisms such as overeating or negative self-thought.

Research conducted at the University of Zurich uncovered, much like Pure Hemp CBD products, promotes an overall sense of wellness (CBD is not prescribed to treat any physical, mental, or emotional illness). This is most effective when you physically see the exchange. 

That’s what we did here at Pure Hemp. We asked all of our employees and distributors to go through their homes to help us give warmth to those in need. We received bags and bags of coats, jeans, blankets, and toys (love is a form of warmth too). We’re currently more than halfway through our goal of 1,001 warmer souls this Winter. 

3 Simple Steps to 1,001

  1. Gather everyone in your home and make this a fun activity. Explain to your loved ones exactly why you’re looking for things to donate. Sally Beth, from our CBD packaging department, decorated her donation bag with her children to look like Santa's gift bag. They put on Christmas music and not only cleared out their home, but they also went over to help grandma clean.
  2. Package all items and research local homeless missions/community centers in your area. Thrift shops are great but these rarely go straight to the homeless. We want to warm those in need now.
  3. Consider adding handwritten holiday cards to the pockets of your gifts before donating. Go as a family down to give the items away. Our staff took all of our donations down to the mission as a group. The impact of seeing those in need being helped has been long lasting to our family.

Finally, send us a picture of your donations this holiday season and we will be adding them to this journal entry so we can continue to reach for our goal. We are so thankful for the power of natural, pure CBD oils and the power of amazing customers like you.

We hope you have an amazing holiday season filled with family, love and good food!


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