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November 2018 CBD Customer Survey Results

November 2018 CBD Customer Survey Results

Every 6 months Pure Hemp CBD sends our loyal customers a customer survey to ask how we've improved their lives and how we can improve our company.

We're proud to announce November 2018 was our most successful survey to date. More CBD patients participated than ever before. We want to thank each of you for your feedback. We will be using it to help better lives. Keep sounding off and we will keep giving you what you want.  

CBD customer survey for pure hemp

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CindyFL - November 20, 2018

Pure Hemp CBD is hands down the BEST! With my son’s seizures, we have gone through soooo many types. We almost had to move into a state where pot is legal but we found you guys and he loves the flavors. I’m the one who wrote ya’ll all deserve awards on the survey! Thank you Jessica!

Cara Adams - November 16, 2018

Love love love the 25mg capsules. I used them when I had my knee replaced last summer. 2 capsules 1 hour before physical therapy, and she could bend the shit out of my knee. No pain during, after, or all day. Love them! Have recommended them to nurses at the hospital, told my orthopedic surgeon at UCLA, and am planning on using from now on.

Erika P - November 15, 2018

Congrats! Keep selling the good good CBD. Also, can we get a purple haze cartridge? that’s my flavor

Pete98 - November 15, 2018

I took the survey and gave you 100% on everything. Great customer service and CBD gummies. I have to stop myself from eating all of the sour worms the moment I get them.

Lily Anne - November 15, 2018

You guys deserve this! You all work so hard for us. Thank you so much for giving me my husband back Pure Hemp!!!

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