New CBD Toothpicks in 3 Fantastic Flavors

We've designed the perfect CBD edible for you. These delicious, potent CBD toothpicks are just what you need during the holidays to discreetly ward off any of the unwanted feels. They come in a powerful third-party tested punch of 250mg per bottle and are specially designed for a slow release.

This means you can pop it in during the parade and make it all the way through turkey-time with the same level of flavorful relief. 


They come in three different flavors including:

Lemon, Refreshing Cinnamint, Orange CBD  

CBD toothpicks

The CBD is taken sublingual, allowing the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream more rapidly. Learn how sublingual absorption enhances the CBD's bioavailability.  CBD has shown promise helping certain addictions including smoking cigarettes. Will help increase salivation to promote absorption.


  • Chewing relieves anxiety
  • Increase salivation
  • Full body effect
  • Consistent CBD release
  • Fantastic flavors


  • 250mg CBD per tube

  • 25mg CBD per pick

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Dale - November 2, 2018

Just ordered these for my boyfriend. He has been using the skunk haze to stop smoking. We’re so excited because he can do this anywhere in public without an issue. Some places are real jerks about vapes.

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