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Is Smoking CBD Vape a Safe Route?

Is Smoking CBD Vape a Safe Route?

The consensus is in when it comes to cigarette smoke. It’s absolutely horrible for you. No reason to do it, ever. More and more people are looking into ways to avoid smoking marijuana while still enjoying its effects as well. NO study has ever conclusively shown that smoking marijuana causes cancer or other health issues, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Still, minimizing the amount of plant matter you inhale is always going to be better for your lungs. 

That being said, one of the first routes you can go down with smoking CBD vape includes certain flower strains grown specifically for medical patients in mind. One such strain is called Cannatonic. It helps tremendously for people looking for relief. If you love smoking flower, which I do, this is a great choice! 

If you’re not so pumped about smoking flower, you can go the route that millions of smokers are going. Enter the digital age! Vaping is a terrific option in this case. You still get to puff out big clouds of beautiful, smoky vapor, with the added benefit of way less plant material. There are a lot of options out there. Pure Hemp makes a couple different flavors of e-liquid that are pretty potent and well-priced.  Right now their options include passion-fruit and banana split. Both are hella dank, if I do say so myself. The CBD content is high, and they make a reliable product. 

Bottom line for me: I’ll probably never stop smoking weed. I have for years. I did give up cigarettes though! For that I am very proud of myself. You should quit that b.s. Too. Just switch to weed, homie! When it comes to CBD vape, I always feel healthier vaping it instead of smoking flower.  There are so many options too. I love the oils, the gummies, the topicals. But at the end of the day, I just like smoking, so I usually keep one or two of these around.

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LoveMe - August 20, 2018

So I’ve heard that vaping CBD can help you stop smoking (cigarettes). I’ve got to quite this habit. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good portable rig that can do the job.

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