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CBD Vape - How to Do it the Right Way

CBD Vape - How to Do it the Right Way

When it comes to CBD Vape there seems to be an information overload as far as just how to do it the right way.

It seems the more you ask people the more questions seem to pop up such as what wattage, what CBD e-juice, and how much should I vape?

Fear not, after you are done with this article all your confusion will be alleviated, and you will know exactly what you need to have the most proficiently custom CBD vape experience. If you are in a time crunch take a quick look at our CBD Vape Chart below to get a quick run-down.

Vaping CBD Checlist

What's the difference between CBD E-juice and CBD Oil for vaping?

The first and most common point of confusion when it comes to vaping CBD is: just what is CBD vape juice? If you are like many, you will find yourself browsing for CBD oil, assuming that you can put any form of CBD oil in your vaporizer machine and just smoke it.

This is a big NO.

CBD oils meant for ingesting, topical, and sublingual may contain food grade ingredients, and this makes it safe to ingest, but that doesn’t mean it can be vaped as well. When searching for the appropriate CBD vape oil for your device, make sure you are searching for CBD e-juice that works for vaping.

Unlike pure CBD oil that you may use sublingually, CBD e-juices are usually made with PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerin). These two acts as thinning agents that make the CBD vape juice compatible to work with the heater coils found in a vape or CBD vape pen.

CBD Vape Chart E-juice or oils

When searching for the right CBD vape e-juice for your CBD pen or vape machine, make sure to look for products described as: CBD vape juice, CBD oil cartridges e-liquid or CBD e-juice and avoid any CBD Oils that are meant to be used topically, sublingually, or ingested.

Where to Buy Oil for Vaping CBD?

It seems that everywhere online companies claim to have the best CBD product on the market. 

As they say: numbers don’t lie”, we like to say “third-party lab test don’t lie”. Make sure when searching for CBD products that the product is third-party lab tested and also that they are transparent and willing to show their lab results with their customers. Make sure you are purchasing CBD Vaping products from trusted sources only that are transparent about their CBD extraction process.

So Just how do you vape CBD?

When it comes to vaporizing CBD there are a variety of ways to do and this is based entirely upon the available products designed for CBD vaping. Each product slightly differs but the end result is the same in which you get your daily dosage of CBD.

Disposable CBD Pens – This is by far the number one recommendation if you are brand new to CBD vaping. You do not need to select the CBD vape juice nor do you have to worry about wattage, or even long term commitment. Each pen is good for a few hundred hits and once you are done you can discard them.

CBD Vape oil cartridges – These are small cartridges that are pre-filled with CBD e-juice. You must purchase a Variable voltage 510 battery that works hand in hand with these cartridges. This is the next step up if you have a higher commitment to smoking CBD Vape Juice and you don’t want to deal with disposable. This product works great where you have your Variable Voltage 510 battery stick and you can customize your choice of CBD by switching out the cartridge with a different flavor.

CBD Vape Pen

CBD E-liquid – For the long-term commitment you can purchase a bottle of CBD e-liquid where you can refill your CBD pens or your favorite vaporizer machines. This method is a bit more advanced because you will have to figure out what wattage to smoke your CBD on depending on your machine.

What Wattage to Vape CBD E-liquid?

If you are using E-liquids in your CBD Smoking Device you want to make sure you don’t set the wattage to high because this will result in burning the CBD because the coils are too hot. The general rule of thumb is to keep your wattage between 10-30 watts for vaping your CBD e-liquid. Not only does this not burn your CBD but it also ensures you are getting the most out of your CBD E-Juice product.

How much CBD should I be Vaping?

To first understand how much CBD you should vape you want to understand just how much is in your current tank or cartridge and what it can produce.

In reality there is no way to get a precise amount of CBD you are puffing because that depends on the user and how soft or hard they pull on the vape machine per hit. A standard 1 mL cartridge can dish out anywhere from 100-200 puffs depending on how you pull the vape machine. A 1 mL cartridge containing 200 mg CBD will give you around 1-2 mg of CBD per puff.

Take a look at the chart below and follow the formula for calculating how much CBD is in your cartridge or vape tank. Then divide this number by the estimated puffs this tank size or cartridge has to get an estimate of how much CBD you are taking per puff.

If you are using a vape device that can count the puffs then this will be a plus.

CBD Vape Dosage Formula

If you want to keep it simple just count what is in your tank. If your tank holds 50 mg of CBD and you smoked half of it then you know you have smoked around 25 mg of CBD. Check the chart below to see the proper dosage that you will need for your particular body weight and your preference on how much you want to feel the CBD.

CBD Vape Dosage Chart

So, if you are someone that weights 140 lb and you want a medium level of CBD then you will need 18 mg of CBD intake. If your tank holds 50 mg of CBD then you will want to smoke a bit less than half a day. Our recommendation is to count the amount of puffs it takes to get to that amount and then that way you know per day how many puffs you need.


Still Can't Decide whether to Try CBD Pen or Catridge?

The answer to this question is simple, CBD vape is much stronger than many of the other forms of taking CBD such as sublingual or topical. 59% of CBD users prefer vaping CBD because it's much stronger and you can feel the effects much faster, thus saving you more product in the long run.

Another beneficial factor is the discreetness of vaping CBD. Most people cannot tell that you are vaping CBD and will in turn think you are just vaping regular nicotine or even vitamins. It’s much easier to access and carry around. Imagine dosing under your tongue in the middle of a party – not very appealing, right?


Knowing how to choose the right CBD vape juice, the preferred method of CBD vape device, and the proper wattage and dosage is all key to giving you the most optimal experience when it comes to vaping CBD. Now you are equipped with the right knowledge to find your perfect and custom vape experience. Make sure to share or forward this article to any other newbie CBD vapers or leave a comment to tell us about your journey with vaporizing CBD.

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