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How to Incorporate CBD Into a Work-Out

How to Incorporate CBD Into a Work-Out

If you take your fitness workouts seriously, it makes sense that you want to do everything possible to ensure that you see maximum gains.


When it comes to your fitness, you want to make sure that you’re using every advantage that is available to you. There are a variety of new CBD-related fitness products that have entered the fitness market, and incorporating them into your workout is easier than you think.

Before we talk about how to incorporate CBD into a work-out, we’ll take a look at two exciting new CBD products and why people are incorporating CBD into their fitness regimes.


Why are people using CBD work-out products?

When you work-out, you create minuscule tears in your muscles. Every time that you create these tears, the body surrounds the area with inflammation. As the small tears in the muscles repair themselves, the muscles come back stronger than they were before. Every time that you exercise, you’re repeating this process.

So, it makes sense that the faster you can reduce the inflammation, the quicker the muscle tears will repair themselves, and the sooner you’ll be able to do it all over again and the stronger your muscles will become.


Two different CBD products that you can easily incorporate into your work-out routine!

The first product we’re going to talk about is the premium CBD protein. Pure Hemp CBD's Protein Powder contains 300mg of pure CBD isolate and comes in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla. The CBD protein powder is non-GMO, 100% organic, and made using CBD that’s sourced from eco-friendly hemp. It contains 24g of whey protein per serving, 4.5g BCAAs, 20mg of CBD isolate, and contains fifteen servings per container.

CBD protein powder is easy to incorporate into your daily work-out routine, and it even tastes delicious! You can easily add a CBD protein shake to your morning wakeup routine, or if you prefer, you can use it as a pre-workout or after work-out pick me up.

The next CBD work-out products that we’re going to take a look at are two of the CBD Topicals that are available on Pure Hemp CBD's website, the CBD Relief Roll-On Gel and CBD Lidocaine Relief Roll-On Gel.

  • CBD Relief Roll-On Gel – If you don’t like the taste of CBD oils or tinctures, but still want to experience the benefits, then the CBD roll-on gels are the perfect way to achieve localized relief and target specific areas of your body. The Pure Hemp CBD Relief Roll-On Gel contains 100mg of pure CBD isolate. They also contain menthol that’s perfect for helping with swelling, itching, and hives. Another ingredient is Arnica Extract that’s helpful for soothing shock and trauma, nourishes the skin, reduces Eczema, and promotes sleep. When you combine these ingredients with CBD, you’re getting an effective and natural relief remedy that’s perfect for those that take their workouts seriously.
  • CBD Lidocaine Relief Roll-On Gel – As we mentioned above, if you don’t like the taste of CBD oils or tinctures, but still want to experience the benefits, then the CBD roll-on gels are the perfect way to achieve localized relief and target specific areas of your body. The Lidocaine Relief Gel contains 500mg of Full Spectrum CBD, as well as lidocaine, which is an effective way to reduce pain or discomfort. The gel also contains menthol and Arnica Extract that helps to soothe swelling, itching, and promotes sleep. If you want to target specific areas of your body such as sore muscles and joints, then the CBD Lidocaine Relief Gel is the perfect way to do it.


Easy ways to incorporate CBD into your work-outs conclusion

There are three ways that you can quickly and easily incorporate CBD into your fitness work-outs or regimes. We are learning more about CBD every day, but more research is required before we can make any specific claims. Always consult your doctor or healthcare professional before taking CBD if you have a pre-existing medical condition or are currently taking any prescription medication.

If you have any questions about any of the CBD products that we stock on Pure Hemp CBD, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly or check out our FAQ page. Our friendly and professional team is happy to help. 

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