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Hemp CBD Oil Vs Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp CBD Oil Vs Hemp Seed Oil

Too often people see hemp seed oil and believe it’s the same as hemp oil (CBD). Hemp seed oil is NOT even close to providing the same level of relief as hemp oil and anyone trying to convince you otherwise is trying to con you into giving them your hard earned money for a truly inferior product. Period. Exclamation point! Don’t fall for this.

What Makes Hemp Oil Better than Hemp SEED Oil?

Some manufacturers will use the word “hemp” against you. Dishonest vendors of hemp seed oil products may knowingly lead you to believe hemp seed oil, which costs much less to produce, is as potentially beneficial. This is flatly not the case. The cannabinoids produced in CBD hemp are more developed and plentiful. They have a deep quality that cannot be found in hemp seed oil.

Hemp oil (CBD) is extracted at the stalk and stem of the hemp plant. Often, CBD brands will label them as “hemp oil” which is accurate. The problem is when a brand uses a cheap hemp seed oil substitute and tries to pass it off as a quality CBD oil. Hemp seed oil is much cheaper to produce.

This misinformation leads to wasted money. You want to verify the product you select is made with hemp oil extracted from the stalks and stems of the hemp plant. Hemp oil contains the naturally occurring cannabinoids, plant terpenes, and flavonoids from the original plant. You will be able to feel the difference after the first usage.

Hemp seed oil, which you can find at your local grocery store and is useful for a variety of things, but it contains an extremely low level of cannabinoids. This leaves it ineffective for medical use as studies have never been completed on levels this low successfully.

As you may know, hemp seeds are an excellent source of protein; hemp oil adds an Earthly nutty flavor and can often be found in soaps and lotions. If you are looking for a topical hemp CBD oil product, be sure to look for potency.  

Beware of Large Discounted Containers

Watch out for large products that do not say they’ve been tested for potency or milligrams per. There are companies who will use “high potency” or “the strongest,” to trick you into believing you are getting a quality product. These vague terms are trying to camouflage the fact they have not tested this oil and have no idea how potent or safe it is!

The CBD oil products sold by a quality brand specifies exactly how many milligrams are present in each of the products. There are several CBD concentrations and potencies, and the prices should rise accordingly. It’s important to know how many milligrams of CBD not only are in a product but how much you are consuming each day.

Rethink Choosing Price Over Product Quality

If you are finding a hemp CBD product that is priced drastically lower competitors, proceed with caution. An extremely low price typically means a low concentration of CBD, particularly if the seller uses vague terms such as “high potency” without providing any clinical testing from a third party showing how many milligrams of CBD is in the product. These products could contain significant amounts of coconut or olive oil, used to dilute the CBD. Just because a product claims to have CBD, does not mean there is enough CBD in the product to be of any value.  

Check CBD Levels Per Serving

Once you understand how brands document the CBD oil levels in their products, be very leery of purchasing a product with too little CBD per serving. Simply divide the milligrams of CBD by the number of milliliters in the bottle.

Your body is unique, the right CBD dosage will always vary from person to person.  When trying to determine your best CBD oil dosage, you should consider starting with smaller amounts and increase your dosage weekly, as needed,, until you find your perfect amount of CBD.

Ask CBD Brand’s for Their Paperwork

When selecting CBD oils it’s imperative to buy from a brand that values quality and transparency. That means that they are able to provide quality CBD products and verification that what they are selling, meets the requirements of what the CBD brand is claiming. If you order a 1,500 mg CBD oil, you have a right to ask for testing on that CBD. This testing should come from a third-party, FDA approved lab. Batch certification by a neutral third party ensures product safety, purity, and potency. It also helps you from losing that hard earned money.  

A brand that backs their claims with testing can be trusted. Not only should you watch for verification of CBD oil content, but also the THC levels. To comply with federal regulations, the THC content of hemp-derived CBD needs to be .3 percent or less. You have every right to ask for this data as well.

You should also know the extraction method. The most common and safe method known to date is Co2.

If They Promise a Miracle Cure Run

Although CBD has over 1,300 clinical studies showing the many benefits of CBD products, NONE of them are conclusive that hemp or cannabis CBD is a miracle cure for ANYTHING. Any brand claiming anything other than this does not respect this trade or industry as we’ve fought hard to get here and the only way we get to stay is by being realistic and honest with ourselves about the limited research on CBD uses. Those in this industry knows what CBD can do, but would not risk ruining the name just for cheap, fast sales tactics and over-promising fluff.  

Is Your CBD Source Trusted?

It is imperative you’re aware of the long list of misleading information out about CBD which could result in purchasing an inferior or ineffective product that does nothing. Too many unethical, fly-by-night brands are willing to take advantage of those who are still trying CBD and learning the terminology. Once you understand the hazards, it’s much easier to find what you are looking for through a trusted CBD supplier.

We support your efforts to learn all you can about the potential health benefits of CBD from non-psychogenic hemp. Feel free to learn more about your endocannabinoid system (EC) and the potential benefits of CBD products with our CBD Buyer’s Guide. The science behind this is astounding.


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