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CBD Vape Pen: The Insiders Guide

CBD Vape Pen: The Insiders Guide

What's not to love about a CBD vape pen, right? No need to carry any oil bottles and not to mention the customization of flavors and colors when using CBD vape products for that perfect custom experience.


If you are new to the CBD vape world, then you must be wondering what all the craze with vaping CBD is? That question can be answered simply with one word: bioavailability. 


That's the percentage of cannabinoids that are absorbed into your bloodstream. The higher the percentage of bioavailability, the more you feel the effects of CBD. Vaping CBD has a much higher bioavailability than all the other popular methods of taking CBD.


Which CBD Pen Do I Choose?


When it comes to vaping CBD, choosing the right device for you is all about your needs and preferences. There are two popular forms of CBD vape pen, and that is the disposable vape pen and the variable voltage battery vape pen with custom flavor cartridges.


So what is a Disposable CBD vape pen? 

These devices are ingenious and straightforward for the busy person on the go. Disposable CBD vape pens are pre-filled vape devices with different concentrations of CBD. One of the most popular is the nano-amplified blend of CBD that gives you up to 150-200 puffs per pen! 


These devices are convenient because there is no need for charging for the entire use, and once you are done, you can discard the CBD pen. No need for any pouring of CBD vape juice and the compact size makes it discreet and, ultimately, CBD vape companion. Whether you are a CBD vape veteran or you are just experimenting, the disposable CBD vape pen has many significant advantages.

  1. No need to charge the device
  2. 150-200 puffs per CBD Pen
  3. Nano-amplified blend with the high concentration
  4. Compact design and ease of access

So what is a CBD Vape Pen with Variable Voltage Battery?



CBD Vape Pen


These devices are a bit more advanced but, in the long run, give you much more versatility and options for your CBD vape experience. Where the disposable CBD pen lacks in options, the CBD vape pen with variable voltage battery shines bright with endless possibilities for a custom experience.


A CBD vape pen is a vape device you can keep for the long run, charge, and also customize the strength and flavors of your concentration by merely swapping out cartridges. Using a CBD vape pen is super simple, just follow these three steps:



CBD Vape Pen Instructions 1


Step 1: Take your variable voltage battery (the bottom of the pen) and your CBD vape cartridge (the smaller top of the pen).



CBD Vape Pen Instructions 2


Step 2: Screw the top of the CBD vape cartridge to the bottom of the variable voltage battery.



CBD Pen Instructions


Step 3: Now press the button on the variable voltage battery pen five times, and your device is now on and good to go!



CBD Vape Pen Tricks and Tips



Know all the basics and looking for some inside tips on how to optimize your CBD vape experience? We rounded up some expert advice from our veteran CBD vape users, and here is what they said:


  1. Make sure to keep cartridges stores in the upright position. Whenever you have your pen in your pocket, it's better to position it upright.
  2. Keep your cartridges in a cool and dry place, leaving your CBD cartridges in a hot area such as your car in the summer will promote evaporation.
  3. Find a carry case for your CBD vape pen. This helps prevent any dropping of your device or cracking if ever the cartridges are impacted the wrong way.
  4. To preserve the oil in the cartridges, unscrew the CBD cartridge from the pen whenever not in use. This helps prevent the oil from being heated unnecessarily. 
  5. Make sure to turn your CBD pen off before placing in your pockets. This helps to prevent any accidental burning of the oil.



Vaping CBD is impressive for many reasons, but the only sure way is to find out for yourself. Whether you prefer a disposable CBD pen or a CBD vape pen with variable voltage battery, Pure Hemp CBD has all your CBD vaping needs. If you don't want the fuss in choosing which flavor or device, make sure to check out our ultimate CBD vape starter kit. 


If you have any expert advice or tips on how to maximize your CBD vape pen experience feel free to share in the comments below.

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Timothy Purcell - May 12, 2020

I love pure cbd

Timothy Purcell - May 12, 2020

I love pure cbd

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