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CBD and the Law

CBD and the Law

When I look at the picture above, I immediately think about my girlfriend in the bathroom going through her daily routine before we go out. She puts on this CBD revive cream to give her skin a boost. What I do NOT think about is it having anything to do with getting high. 

          So why the heck did I check the news today to find out a federal judge in California decided to reject a challenge from hemp industry leaders to reclassify the legal status of hemp away from a schedule 1 narcotic? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. There has been nothing but lunacy in regards to marijuana coming out of Washington the last couple years, why would good sense take over now? 

There were immediate outcries from people across the industry. Many rightfully claimed that this decision had come at the behest of the D.E.A., who have added CBD to a list of controlled substances without approval from Congress. That’s supposed to be a big no-no, but it remains to be seen whether or not Congress will do anything about it. The marijuana freedom movement certainly has allies there, and the growing demand for both marijuana and CBD related products is likely to drive popular opinion and dollars from big business to making favorable decisions before too long. 

That should be especially true since...CBD doesn’t even get anyone high! It’s crazy. So many countries have figured this out, why can’t the one country that is supposed to be the ultimate champion of liberal values do it? 

It’s now possible that the big bad goons at the D.E.A. are gonna come for your CBD products. That means if you have a child who relies on CBD to prevent seizures, be careful. If your grandma has arthritis and rubs CBD lotion on her hands so she can friggen use them, it might get taken away. You should be furious. 

If you are, do your part. Get on the horn and demand that your rep take action to ensure people have access to the right medicine for them. We need a medical freedom bill in this country, and we need it now. How many more lives do we have to put at stake over political theater? 

Alright, I’m getting off my soapbox now, if only to stockpile on CBD products before it’s too late.  


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Nancy Davis - March 17, 2020

I pray this issue gets cleared up quickly. Cbd products do work for many health problems and I want to continue to use them.

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