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CBD 101: Pure CBD Oils, Sprays & Tinctures

CBD 101: Pure CBD Oils, Sprays & Tinctures

Cannabidiol or CBD oil has been creating a huge buzz, but of course you knew this.

Some avid users believe CBD is the natural ‘cure-all’ we’ve been looking for. CBD is no longer just another baseless "hippy" medium. In fact, with so much research being released and doctors coming forward with patient case studies even the pharmaceutical industry has just announced their first drug using CBD and the FDA approved this for commercial use.

Disclaimer: Pure Hemp Shop makes no claims that CBD can cure, treat, or prevent any illnesses, whether that is mental, physical, or emotional. All data here was provided from customer experience with our products. If your pet has any serious medical issues we recommend you consult your veterinarian. Pure Hemp CBD Products are only designed to help promote an overall sense of wellness only.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about sourcing products, potency ratings and getting the most out of your non-psychoactive hemp-based CBD sprays, oils or tinctures.

What is pure CBD Oil?

CBD is a chemical compound that can be found in both marijuana and hemp plants. Cannabis carries many chemical compounds, but the two most known are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD.
THC is known for the psychoactive effects or "high" you feel when using marijuana. CBD has such a small amount of THC (less than .03%) that you will not get high using these products.

CBD has recently been heavily researched showing the possibility of many medical benefits but no official claims have been made besides treating epilepsy. 

How Does CBD Work in Your Body?

Your human endocannabinoid system (EC) was discovered in the mid 1975s, but research moved extremely slow due to the war on drugs taking off. The EC system has cannabinoid receptors working throughout your body to help regulate excess chemical activity.

When your receptors get clogged with too much activity they can send misinformation or no information at all. The EC receptors use cannabinoid messages to reverse the message sending process. This slows it down long enough to get caught up and sending the right messages. The EC can affect mood, pain, appetite, liver and muscular function, just to name a few things.

Don't Waste Money on Ineffective CBD 

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What Are CBD Oils, Sprays or Tinctures?

CBD oils are oil based (it’s best to avoid fatty oils in production) and tinctures are alcohol-based CBD extracts – essentially, infused alcohol. Sprays are often isolated CBD paired with other tested ingredients to target specific issues. For example, our CBD Energy Spray has a proprietary blend with vitamins and antioxidants such as B12.

The tinctures tend to hold flavor better because of this a lot of consumers like to use this to mask the pungent taste of hemp. These all come in many different forms from full spectrum to specific isolated varieties of cannabinoids. Tinctures, sprays and oils come in many potencies and flavor profiles.

How Do You Use CBD Oils, Sprays or Tinctures?

Since tinctures and oils are taken sublingually or under the tongue they have a great bioavailability or rate of absorption than most other methods (besides vaping which has the highest bioavailability of all CBD products). The rate substantially depends on the CBD quality can range from 12%-35%, which is higher than oral consumption.

Many people choose pure CBD oil, sprays or tinctures instead of other consuming methods such as edibles or vaping because of how quickly it activates.

Recommended Users:

  • Those in need of a higher concentrate.
  • Someone looking for an almost instant release.
  • Those wanting targeted results.
  • Individuals needing to travel with their CBD.
  • Those having difficulty with the natural hemp flavor.



    Start with just one full dropper or spray under the tongue. Allow the pure CBD oil to sit on the gland there for up to a minute before swallowing. This will give ultimate absorption. 


    Test different potencies depending on your needs. If you prefer a heavier full spectrum oil try the 500-1,500mg. For more targeted focus try something lighter with boosters. Sprays are great for targeting. 


    Again, this is something you need to test, but always start with a single dosage of about 10-15 mg then increase. Journal the times and experiences you have with your CBD before creating your own routine. 



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    Josh - October 10, 2018

    Very informative. I use the oils because for me they are the ones that are really strong enough to work.

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