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Can Pets Take Human CBD?

Can Pets Take Human CBD?

You would think pets can take human CBD, but it’s important to understand all the facts before you make any decisions regarding giving your CBD to your pet!

It’s not an unusual thought, ‘I take CBD and, it helps me, so why can’t I give my CBD to my pet?’ You’re not alone if you’ve had this thought, and it’s one of the most common questions that pet owners around the world ask.
Technically, you could give your pet human CBD, but there are several reasons why you should purchase pet-friendly CBD that’s been designed specifically for pets, and we’ll cover them all in the following article.

Can Pets Take Human CBD?

Technically, pets could take CBD that’s meant for humans, but there are specific CBD pet oils that are designed with pet-friendly ingredients. Pet-friendly CBD products are also better for pets because they don’t contain any THC, they’re 100% THC free and made from pure CBD isolate. Pet’s don’t handle THC the same way humans do, and even the smallest amount can cause them serious health issues.

There are also a variety of different dosing issues that arise when you start trying to give your pet CBD which is designed for humans. The dosage recommendations on CBD for humans are designed with people in mind, not pets. It’s easier and safer to stick with CBD products that have been specifically designed for pets.

CBD Pet Treats are Designed for Pets

It’s not always easy to get pets to take any type of pill or liquid that they don’t like. Despite your best efforts, how often do you return to a bowl of food only to find the little pills licked clean but sitting all alone in the bowl? Too often! That’s why CBD pet treats are a much better option. They include a variety of tasty and healthy ingredients that pet love. Pure Hemp CBD has a wide range of premium CBD treats for pets. Their range of CBD pet treats is made using pure CBD isolate and contain 0% THC.

When you give your pet CBD that has been designed for pets, it takes all the guesswork out of trying to calculate how much CBD you should be giving your pet. To make it even easier, we’ve written this great CBD Pet Dosage Guide. It clearly and easily explains how much CBD you should be giving your pet and includes a dosage calculator to make the process simple and easy,
regardless of what size your dog or cat is.

Can I Give CBD to My Pet?

While more research and studies need to be done before we can make any specific claims about the benefits of CBD, there has been a lot of anecdotal evidence from pet owners that support the use of CBD. What we do is that many pharmaceutical medications for pets come with a long list of negative side-effects. It’s not unusual to have to prescribe multiple medications to pets to help deal with the negative side-effects associated with pharmaceutical prescriptions. CBD is a natural compound and is taken as an herbal nutrition. 

CBD for Pets Conclusion

There is a large selection of specially designed CBD products for pets available on the Pure Hemp CBD website. There are also some great testimonials from pet owners that have enjoyed the benefits of CBD for pets, as well as a large selection of resources. If you’re thinking of giving your pet CBD, then you must speak with your pet’s veterinarian first. 

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