Vegetable Oil - 250mg



    Our CBD infused Vegetable Oil will quickly become a household staple. We use it in baked goods, to add flavor to meat and poultry dishes, as well as to help cook vegetables. It is fairly low in calories compared to similar oils, and as always, we only use quality CBD derived from organically grown hemp seed.

    • Organic
    • Non-GMO

    Our new line of CBD infused oils work quickly to target specific areas of pain in the body. Each bottle contains 250 mg of quality CBD, and can be used to target symptoms related to anxiety, stress, insomnia, seizures, and a wide host of other ailments. Using the vegetable oil in a dish ensures you will receive all of the benefits while not having to endure the taste of hemp seed.

    Infused with 250mg of CBD
    5 oz. bottle
    25mg per serving (10 servings)
    Ingredients: vegetable oil, CBD derived from hemp seed.

    Add at least ½ an ounce to a prepared dish. Add more as desired.

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