Quiz Results: Hemp CBD & Mental Health

High levels of stress or exhaustion are your brain’s way of signaling it’s overwhelmed and needs some attention. It’s almost always caused by a deeper issue such as anxiety or depression. Left untreated it can morph into an entirely different set of red alarms telling you something major is going on and you need to take action.

Disorders such as chronic depression, PTSD, agoraphobia (panic attack disorder), OCD and others, happen when the brain is overwhelmed. 

Daily emotional distress is like an energy vampire siphoning both your physical and mental energy.

You’re thinking about EVERYTHING day and night because you have no choice. This stops you from getting a restful sleep and now you’re even more tired the next day. It’s a terrible cycle that can be stopped.

But How Can CBD Help With MY Pain?  

Hemp CBD is now finally legal in all 50 states. Doctors everywhere have begun recommending it because it’s been shown effective in clinical trials for a large variety of issues. What they’ve discovered is incredible. 

It is extremely likely a potent CBD could help. Here’s how.

Cannabidiol (CBD) works with your body’s endocannabinoid system (EC) to keep your neurotransmitter receptors from becoming overwhelmed and sending out the wrong messages. This misinformation can affect your entire body from mental health to your immune system.

The EC is our body’s natural failsafe and the cannabinoids from natural CBD activate that system, even when the body’s so overwhelmed functions are shutting down.

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Because of this CBD can help with a huge variety of issues. We need A LOT more research to be able to say how it could help you definitively. CBD’s research is a century behind because, unfortunately, the “war on drugs” propaganda targeted this harmless natural resource.

Many of those who don’t have time to wait for more clinical trials are pushing forward and trying potent, quality CBD products.

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What to Look For in a Potent CBD Brand?

Jeremy Klein has processed hemp for almost 10 years now. So he knows what it takes to grow potent CBD. He joined Pure Hemp to help source & design the purest CBD extracts available today. 

All Ways a Potent CBD Can Help You:

  • Pain Management: Hemp CBD has been researched for a large variety of pain issues. For these pain points, stronger Full Spectrum CBD oils and CBD capsules are recommended. Users have reported less pain, less inflammation, and higher circulation.
  • Mental Health: Research shows CBD is making strides in Mental Health. Isolated CBD sprays, CBD vapes, and CBD edibles are recommended with proprietary formulas to target specific issues. Users have reported more focus, energy, calm and less overall anxiety.
  • Cancer: New research shows how CBD can help with much needed immune support and appetite regulation. Many users report the CBD vapes, oils and sprays especially help as they can consume it without having to put anything in their stomach.
  • Insomnia: CBD is designed to help slow the body to work most efficiently. Many CBD products are isolated with melatonin to help with sleep regulation. Users report increased energy, more restful and longer periods of undisturbed sleep. This comes without the groggy side effects most pharmaceutical medications. 
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 Why Pure Hemp?

Pure Hemp CBD is a family-owned brand with over 10 years in the industry. We know what it takes to produce a potent CBD product. Just check our reviews. After some recent press we’ve grown so quickly we were able to renegotiate all of our prices and are passing those savings back to you.

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