Disposable Pen - Pineapple Express 250mg

CBD Nano Disposable Pen - Pineapple Express 250mg

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PRODUCT BENEFITS: Our pre-filled disposable pen is one of the best products in our line, giving you the highest concentration of our unique nano am...

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Vapes: 21st Century Smoking
Vape pens are the perfect accessory for the CBD smoker. CBD Vape oils give you precise control over your dosage, as well as a clean, discreet user experience. Plus, you never have to wonder who stole your lighter!

Customize Your Dosage
The scientific smoker will love that strains are dialed in so close that cartridges are labeled with the exact CBD content. With a vape pen, it is easy to switch out the CBD cartridge when you’re after a different flavor or experience.

Easy to Use
Long-time vape skeptics may wonder whether the experience holds a candle to traditional smoking.
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