Hemp CBD Oil Stops Harmful Seizures in Child


- TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG)  Ashlyn Impton, 9, was born with a rare genetic disorder that causes constant harmful seizures. After trying everything her parents began seeking help from hemp-based CBD oil. This story explains how so many families are going against the grain to save their children’s health. They are seeing POWERFUL success. Her advice is to stop listening to the propaganda and start reading the studies/testimonials.

"Every seizure she has affects her brain," her mother Amber says. "It's taken it's told she's developmentally behind because of the seizures she's had. She can't feed herself, she can't talk."

Amber says the family tried over 10 different medications within the last several years.

Amber explains the medications left Ashlyn exhausted and the side effects just were not worth the progress, or lack of it they saw. Out of desperation Amber and her husband researched everything and that’s when they discovered CBD Oil.

"She's been seizure free since then," says Amber. "The challenge is that people think you're trying to get your kid high.”

Learn the Clinical CBD Research on Effectiveness with Seizure Patients >> 

Dr. John Evanoff MD explains, "The CBD oils go into those receptors of the brain and help calm that area of the brain down." And Dr. Evanoff adds, "CBD oil is the psychoactive but hallucinogenic portion of medical marijuana."

For certain brain disorders, the effectiveness of CBD oil isn't in question, the reputation continues to be. Each day the industry is gaining ground and more people are discovering the amazing effects of hemp CBD.

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Danielle - October 18, 2018

I cried. This is so sad and I don’t understand why we keep cbd from those in need yet hand out doctor pills like candy.

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